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Samsung ML-5510ND/ML-5512ND/ML-6510ND/ML-6512ND/ML-6515ND/MultiXpress CLX-8540ND/MultiXpress SCX-6545N/MultiXpress SCX-6555N/ProXpress M4580FX/ProXpress M4583FX/SCX-6345N/SCX-HCF100, Pickup / Feed / Separation Roller JC97-02259A N/A
Samsung ML-3310ND/Samsung ML-3710DW/Samsung ML-3710ND/Samsung ML-3750ND/Samsung ProXpress M3820DW/Samsung ProXpress M3870FW/Samsung ProXpress M4020ND/Samsung ProXpress M4070FR//Samsung SCX-4833FD/Samsung SCX-4835FD/Samsung SCX-4835FR/Samsung SCX-5637FD/Samsung SCX-5639FR/Samsung SCX-5739FW Cassette Separation Roller JC90-01032A click for picture
Samsung ML-2850D/ML-2851ND/ML-2855ND/SCX4824FN/SCX4825FN/SCX4826FN/SCX4828FN Pickup Roller JC97-03062A JC9703062A click for picture
Samsung Samsung CLP-300/310/321N/315/320/321N/325/326W/CLX-3185FN/CLX-3170FN 317,CLT-R407/R409 OPC Drum N/A
Samsung ML1635/ML3475,ML-1635/ML-3475

Chip for Toner Cartridge

ES-T208 N/A
Samsung SCX5635/SCX5835,SCX-5635/SCX-5835 Chip for Toner Cartridge ES-T208 N/A
Samsung SCX4200/SCX4220 Chip N/A
Samsung ML2850 Chip N/A
Samsung ML3050 OPC Drum N/A
Samsung Samsung ML2850

OPC Drum

Samsung Samsung SCX4828/4824

Chip on Motherboard

Samsung SCX-6545/SCX-6555/scx-6455,SCX 6545/SCX 6555/scx6455 Drum Chip N/A
Samsung SCX-6545/SCX-6555/scx-6455,SCX 6545/SCX 6555/scx6455 Toner Chip N/A
Samsung Samsung SCX4300 Chip for Mainboard N/A
Samsung Samsung 4300 OPC Drum N/A
Samsung Samsung 1510/1710/1610 Fuser Gear 37T GR-SM1510-37T N/A
Samsung Samsung ML-1710 Separation Pad JC73-00140A N/A
Samsung Samsung SCX6322 Toner Chip N/A
Samsung Samsung SCX6122 Toner Chip N/A
Samsung SCX 6345 Drum Unit Chip ES-6345D N/A
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